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One of Scotland’s and the Highland’s greatest geologists, self-taught as well as an accomplished stonemason and writer. For more information on one of our nation’s biggest characters and famous Scotsman.


The grandson of James VII, Charles Edward Stewart spent years exiled in France before returning to 'conquer or die' on the 23rd July 1745. Also known as The Young Pretender, clan chiefs and sympathisers could not refuse his charm. He famously fled after Culloden dressed as Flora MacDonald's maid where eventually he made is way back to the country of his birth, Italy. (1720 - 1788)


The heroine of the Jacobite cause who, along with many others, did not succumb to the £30,000 bounty on Prince Charlie's head. Born on Uist but settled on Skye after her widowed mother was coerced into marrying Hugh MacDonald of Armadale. (1722 - 1790)  


Widely regarded as a notorious landlord by most Highlands, the statue of the first Duke of Sutherland, George Leveson-Gower, who was given this title shortly before his death for services to politics, towers above the village of Golspie on the top of Ben Bhraggie.

Infamous for clearing his estate of settlements to make way for sheep farming, many reports indicate that the people of Sutherland were not merely settled on the seaboard villages, but forcibly removed.

The ancestral home of the Sutherland's is the magnificent Dunrobin Castle. Dating from the 14th Century, it is steeped in the history of the Sutherlands and the area. A must see.

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Steeped in folklore, the stories of Coinneach Odhar (Kenneth MacKenzie) are well know on the Black Isle, where he spent his adult year, and throughout the Highlands.

'Cursed' with the Second Sight, he foretold many prophecies which have come to pass, including Culloden, the Caledonian Canal and the Scottish Parliament.

He is commemorated at Chanonry Point where he was burnt alive at the request of Lady Seaforth, on whose estate he worked, after predicting the her husband was having liaisons with women in France.

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