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Failte, fellow travellers. I’m Keith, your tour guide and driver.

Having travelled extensively as a young boy and teenager with my family in Africa and South America, we always returned home to Scotland.

Born in Glasgow and settling, for the most part in rural Perthshire, I have always had a deep interest in Scottish history, politics and culture.

After serving in the British Army, I lived in Edinburgh with my young family before settling in the capital of the Highlands in 2004.

Passionate about Scotland and what this wonderful, small but punchy country has to offer, it is my pleasure to take you on your chosen tour.

‘Bheir do chasan thu far a’ bheil do chridhe’ – ‘ Your feet will take you where your heart is’

‘S mise, Catherine. I’m Keith’s partner and business partner and I look after bookings and will assist you with creating your own bespoke tour. Any special requests you may have for your special vacation to Scotland, I can facilitate.

Born and bread on the Isle of Skye, I am a Highlander through and through. I have fond memories of exploring Scotland as a child with my family and it is my pleasure to now help create you’re Scottish memories.